African Student Association   (ASA)  Sponsor: Dina  Brown   Email:
 Anime Club  Sponsor: Kara Williams   Email:
 Art Society/Visual Arts  Sponsor: Jamilah Adebesin Mason   Email:
 Band  Sponsor: Tiffney Chaney-Russell   Email:
 Books and Beyond  Sponsor: Kara Williams   Email:
 Business Professionals of   America (BPA)  Sponsor: TBA   Email: TBA
 Chess Club  Sponsor: Paul Switzer   Email:
 Chorus  Sponsor: Tiffney Chaney-Russell   Email:
 Culinary Club  Sponsor: Jean Sweeney   Email:
 DECA  Sponsor: Kinya Jett   Email:
 Diversity Club  Sponsor: Kimiko Broome   Email:
 Drama Group  Director: Gregory Fitch
 Assistant Director: Jamilah   Adebesin Mason 
 Ecology Club  Sponsor: Theresa Kelsey   Email:
 Energy Club  Sponsor: Lindsay Lopez   Email:
 FCCLA  Sponsor: Michelle Youngberg   Email:
 Flags/Majorettes  Sponsor: Sheryl Phillips-Thomas   Email:  TBA
 Flight Magazine  Sponsor: Brittan Russell   Email:
 Foreign Language Honor Society   (Spanish)  Sponsor: Joellen Lee   Email:
 Foreign Language Honor Society   (French)  Sponsor: Erin Johnson   Email:
 Freshmen Class  Sponsor: Julie Kirk   Email:
 Gaming Club  Sponsor: Kara Williams   Email:
 Genders and Sexualities Alliance   (GSA)  Sponsor: Lindsay Lopez and Kara   Williams   Email:
 Girls Club  Sponsor: Kristen Cardinal   Email:
 Hawk Explorers  Sponsor: Tifanie Mulcahy   Email:
 Heart for Hearts   Sponsor: Nicole D'Onofrio   Email:
 Interact/Rotary  Sponsor: Barbara Wade   Email:
 Intramurals  Sponsor: Nick Schultz   Email:
 Junior Class  Sponsor: Caroline Snyder   Email:
 KEY Club  Sponsor: Amy Trench   Email:
 Mathletes  Head Coach: Matthew Peccia
 Assistant Coach: Robert Fantozzi
 Assistant Coach: Kara Bucci
 Mock Trial  Sponsor: TBA   Email: TBA
 National Honor Society  Sponsor: Lindsay Lopez   Email:
 Peer Mediation  Sponsor: TBA   Email: TBA
 Pep Club (Blue Crew)  Sponsor: Kristen Kaczmarek   Email: kkaczmarek
 Photography Club  Sponsor: Jamilah Adebesin   Mason   Email:
 Scholastic Bowl  Sponsor: Kristen Cardinal   Email:
 Science Club  Sponsor: Mirko Polyak   Email:
 Senior Class  Sponsor: Brenetta Allison   Email:
 Snowball  Sponsor: Kara Williams   Email:
 Sophomore Class  Sponsor: Denise Posten   Email:
 Speech Team  Coach: Stephanie Carrero
 Assistant Coach: Denise Poston
 Stage/Lighting  Sponsor: Jamilah Adebesin   Mason   Email:
 Step Team  Sponsor: Maricha Matthews   Email:
 Student Council  Sponsor: Jane Molek and Kristen   Cardinal   Email:                  
 School Newspaper
 (The Hawk Eye) 

 Sponsor: Amy Maniatis and   Gregory Fitch    Email:
 The Hawk Store  Sponsor: Michelle Youngberg   Email:
 World Language  Sponsor: Joellen Lee   Email:
 Yearbook  Sponsor: Christina Botica    Email:


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